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Welcome to one of my small niches in the world wide web! This one, of course, being dedicated to the learning of C++. It is a result of some hard work and a few sleepless nights so I can only hope that this is of some use to you!

I know how difficult it is to find good resources on the information sluggish highway. There's a ton of pages that have weak information, hard to understand explanations, dead links, a plethora of banner ads, and bad coloring schemes (the kind that make you wonder if your eyeballs are melting or if the room is just dancing by itself). I also know, first hand, the struggle of of beginners with a teacher who can't seem to help them. So here you have my weak solution to the problem, Neil's C++ Stuff!

Just one quick note ... there are still many good teachers out there. Most of the time you get stuck with the ones that do want to help you and make their best attempt at that. So just because your instructor piles work on you does not mean they automagically fall into the category that inspired this site.

-Neil C. Obremski © 1998


There are some simple things you should know before being able to utilize the articles here. I don't start you out from the beginning, I only cover subjects that people request the most information on. The more people that badger me about certain subjects, the more chance that I will write an article on that subject.

If you're starting programming altogether and deciding to go with C++ then I suggest you first read a good book. Actually if you're only just beginning programming in general then I suggest you start with something simpler (IMHO) like QBasic or C. Its much easier to move into C++ from there than it is from no background at all.

If you're moving to C++ from one of the BASIC languages then you may have to read up on what compilers are and how to use them. Moving from C to C++ is fairly simple and this page is really not the place to be if you're an advanced C programmer.

So, a sum of what you'll need:

  1. you need a compiler (I have links to free compilers)
  2. you need to know how to write, compile, and run a very basic program like:
#include <iostream.h>

  cout << "Hello World!" << endl;

Knowing those should do you fine for most of my articles. Keep an open mind too!


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